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venerdì 22 Settembre 2023



Inspiration: Parkour according to the world speeder Miranda Tibbling

Miranda Tibbling, a traceur born in 2004, started Parkour in 2015 and today is one of the best performer of the discipline. She already has...

Heath Thorpe: “The Olympics do not determine an athlete’s value”

Not yet 23 years old, the young Australian Heath Thorpe, recently crowned Australian All Around Champion, talks about himself. In a world that wants us...

Tiana Sumanasekera on her senior debut: “I am just going to take it one meet at a time and enjoy all of the experiences...

After the Pan American championships, we had the opportunity to speak directly with the newly crowned AA champion. She is the US national Tiana...

“The public’s support warmed my heart” – Kaylia Nemour shares her story with

The public support, a new element and her life goals. Kaylia Nemour shares her story in an interview with following the African championships. The...

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