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Parkour among Gaza and Rafah rubble

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Parkour is a discipline that, simbolically and otherwise, consistes of crossing obstacles. Those who practise parkour do it for a sense of freedom and to challenge themselves.

You can learn it on the street, even if without certain resources, without improving your tricks in a gym, because the your only limit is to overcome yourself.

That’s why Parkour has not limits: everyone can do it, in every part of the world. Even in the Gaza Strip, even among the rubble.

The first group of palestinian traceurs was created in 2005. Abdullah Anshasi e Muhammed Alikhbeir founded the called Gaza Parkour, after having seen an Al Jazeera documentary. From that moment on, the movement spread all over Palestine, representing a means of expression for the people, to escape the national situation.

In 2011 the Spider Parkour was founded. This group uses destroyed buildings as obstacles to get through, the same as every traceur in Gaza Strip does.

The message these athlets want to send is: their will to live is stronger than ever, these are the words of Ammar. Fawzy, besides, affirms that nothing can stop them, their dream and their identity.

Another reality, very active at the moment in Rafah – the city in the south where the majority of Strip citizens have taken refuge – is the Free Gaza Circus.

This association was created in 2018 by the idea of a group of acrobats and social activists, living in Gaza at that time. They’re certain that these activities can inspire and help Gaza’s youth develop their identity and social capabilities.

Today, the association in Rafah aims to bring a little bit of joy to children and youth refugees in the city. They often end up in the tent city doing some small shows between the tent and the sand.

Four weeks ago the association shared 19 year-old professional traceur Salah Abu Harbi‘s history on their social media, kiled by an Israeli attack. Besides him, another five athletes died the same way.
The Free Gaza Circus’ call to the Parkour international community is one: “we deserve your voice“.

Mahmoud Al-Gharbawi is also part of Free Gaza Circus. He is a displaced traceur from Gaza. He and his cousin Amir show everyday the living situation in Rafah and share reels revealing themselves doing tricks, kong and other typical Parkour’s vaults useful to jump from a wall to another, with the difference that they jump from a rubble of a building to another.

Amir Al-Gharbawi tells his story in a long video released on Instagram: he started practicing Parkour twelve years ago following his elder brother. He trains following a specific goal: not only to improve his skills, but also to achieve an international level, like Spider Parkour’s guys.
Sometimes Amir is invited to international events, but he can’t attend them because he’s from Gaza Strip.

Amir too, ever since his arrival in Rafah, helps the kids entertain everyday after work. He sees that like his mission: he wants to bring a little bit of happiness.

Amir and Mahmood, supported by friends, organized a few campaign funds with the aim of cross Egypt’s boundaries. They can be found here and here.

The dream of every palestinian traceur living in Gaza Strip consists in participating to international competitions, one day. There’s something they have in common: they know that sooner or later they will succeed.

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Giulia Silvestri
Giulia Silvestri
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