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Tiana Sumanasekera on her senior debut: “I am just going to take it one meet at a time and enjoy all of the experiences I get.”

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After the Pan American championships, we had the opportunity to speak directly with the newly crowned AA champion. She is the US national Tiana Sumanasekera.

For the 15-year-old Californian, it was her senior international debut.  “I honestly didn’t have a specific vision for my Senior International debut. I was just determined to hit my routines and do my best. It was such a great experience and I had so much fun!” she told us shortly afterwards.

Last year in the same competition, but as a junior, she had won four gold medals and one silver, but “I didn’t expect to do as well this year! This is my very first year as a Senior Elite, so I was not sure what to expect. I had been feeling confident about my routines and just wanted to compete them the way I trained them. I was very happy with my performance.”

Also in 2022, we saw her at the City of Jesolo Trophy where she won the gold medal with the team, on the AA, beam, vault and floor.

At the Pan American Championships, the US team achieved a women’s team gold that had been missing since 2018, and Tiana’s routines helped achieve this prestigious milestone. “I was super excited to be named to the team and to compete internationally again. I was with a very strong group of girls and I think we did a fantastic job working together to put up such a big team score. I feel very proud to be a part of Team USA and to help win the team gold after 5 years!” In addition, she earned the gold medal on beam and the silver medal on floor to supplement her already prestigious palmares.

Despite being so young, Tiana has very clear ideas, her big career goal is the Olympics, but she is also aware of how difficult it is to earn a place on the team. “So I am just going to take it one meet at a time and enjoy all of the experiences I get.”

We know that gymnastics fans will follow her on this journey, between an artistic leap and a perfect landing towards the much-dreamed five Olympic rings. 

Thanks again Tiana for your time and availability, good luck!


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